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Leather Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is quite functionable as well as beautiful. It is made of black leather and has 2 compartments . the top compartment has a flip top lid that can lock, if you choose. The second compartment is a pull drawer, with compartments for watches or bracelets.

It comes with 2 keys, if you choose to lock it, a large ring compartment, and other small compartments built in in both compartments. The flip top lid even has a mirror. I love it !

To check it out, go HERE

I recieved this at no cost for my honest, unbiased evaluation/ review.


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Who has youtube?

Hey lovelys!!! Its june!!! Yaya!

Anyway, who all has youtube?! I want to do a subby buddy post!

If you have youtube,if you do videos or not, please subscribe to my channel here>>>Brandib Tv youtube channel


In return, put your channel link in the comments, and in return, Ill subscribe back. Now this isn’t just for me , subscribe to each other !!! This is a win win!

I do lots of different videos, unboxings, funny weird products, travel, reviews, free stuff! Lots of things!

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This is my first glossy box, and it was a double treat! I got 2 boxes, they offered a promotion if you signed up, you got a free past box!

Here is my unboxings>>>Glossybox may 2016

I was really excited for these!

Let me know what you guys think!

If you want to try glossybox, sign up here>>>Glossybox sign up

Glossy box is 21$ a month, I was pretty happy with it. 💋💋💋


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ID Girl Crystal Fashion Necklace

This is a beautiful peice of fashion jewelry.
When I opened the box, I honestly was in complete awe of it.
It is alot bigger than I thought it would be, and also alot more beautiful than I thought it would be.
All the stones are individually set, which just makes it so beautiful.
The chain it comes with is adjustable, but I had to use almost the last setting, and I don’t have a huge neck or anything, but its something to keep in mind.
It is a heavy peice while wearing it, but thats expected with a peice this size.
All the sections are hinged together so they are movable, it is not a solid peice, I am assuming so it will lay correctly on your neck.
Overall its a beautiful peice, and I love it.
I recieved this item a discount/no cost in exchange for my honest, unbiased review/evaluation. All opinions are my own.
i received this for review, no affliation.

product link in the comments, watch my video here! 😙😙😙😙>>>>ID GIRL NECKLACE

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Casual Bracelets

Hey guys! I really love fashion jewelry for accessories, especially if it is quirky. I really like the beach, leather look for dressing up my everyday casual looks for summer, so I was looking forward to these arriving.

These are a nice wide band, and there are parallel rows of metal rivets all the way around the bracelets. Another feature I found to be great is the double snaps for adaptability, based on the size of your wrist.

You get 3 neutral colors, black, white, and brown. Having neutral colors is important to me because they will match about anything.

Overall, i think these are great bracelets to add to your collection. Price is great, look is nice, ad they seem to be made very well.

I received this item at no cost in exchange for my honest, unbiased evaluation review. All opinions are my own.

Product link in the comments.