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Who has youtube?

Hey lovelys!!! Its june!!! Yaya!

Anyway, who all has youtube?! I want to do a subby buddy post!

If you have youtube,if you do videos or not, please subscribe to my channel here>>>Brandib Tv youtube channel


In return, put your channel link in the comments, and in return, Ill subscribe back. Now this isn’t just for me , subscribe to each other !!! This is a win win!

I do lots of different videos, unboxings, funny weird products, travel, reviews, free stuff! Lots of things!

You can also find me on instagram at @brandiblanton

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Trend Box Dash Cam

I was really excited for this to arrive, but I was also kind of worried I could not figure out how to work it. To my surprise it was extremely, extremely easy.

It literally took me 2 minutes to hook this up.

The device itself just clip over top of your rear view mirror that is already in your car, you plug it into your cigarette lighter , and turn it on , it’s that easy.

The quality of the device seems to be really nice, and the camera quality is surprisingly good as well. I was really surprised by this .

Overall, I love it. It is so nice and extremely easy to use. It’s so easy a kid could do it. I am really happy with everything about this.

I received this item at no cost/discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased evaluation review. All opinions are my own.

Product link in comments.

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Growstar 3d VR Glasses

I have used VR glasses in the past, even the plastic kind like these, but these are completely different than any I have personally seen, and I think the differences are awesome.

This comes with an attached headstrap which is a must in my opinion. And the padding about the eye area is thick and comfortable, and adjustable.

The front of the glasses has a hinged flap, that is pre-vented, which I haven’t seen before. Usually there is a cover to take off. The flap also has a sticky type substance that you just stick your phone too. I wasn’t sure how I would like that, but I love it because your phone doesn’t move at all. Also because of this sticky block you do not have to try to fit your phone into a sliding compartment, which is fantastic , because I have a note 4. It says on the film over the sticky block if it looses its stickiness, just to wet it with water and wipe off. So it should last for a good while. I’ve used mine a little over a week, and its still going strong and I’ve not had to try the water thing yet, also it does not make the back your phone sticky.

The eye adjustments are also different, every thing is on top, and you just slide the button front to back to adjust the lens distance, and the little tabs on the top you slide back and forth to get the right lens distance between your eyes, super easy.

There is also a magnet, but Ive never really messed with all that, I have controllers, but if you need one its there.

I love VR glasses because you can play games, watch movies, they are really awesome. The design of these is the best I have seen yet, if the sticky part keeps up, if it doesn’t I will update.

I received this item at no cost in exchange for my honest, unbiased review/evaluation. All opinions are my own.

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Noa Retractable Headset

I had never used one of these before, so I was excited to try it out. When it arrived,

I opened the box, and seen that it had extra ear bud tips, which I was glad to see you if you loose one, you will have extras, or you can change them out for a more comfortable fit. I was also glad to see that it came with a storage pouch, and everything fits inside, so I was also happy to see that. It also comes with a charger , which is a micro usb.

The device itself seems to be really well made.

It also folds for storage, which I found to be a nice added feature. The controls are really easy, an on and off switch, plus and minus buttons for volume control, then the retractable switch. The charging port on on the back side.

This was really easy to connect to the bluetooth on my phone, it litterally took 2 minutes. I turned the device on after charging a bit, which seems to charge pretty quickly, turned the blue tooth on my phone, scanned and connected. It was super easy.

These are light weight, so they are comfortable sitting around your neck, and the retractable part for the ear buds works very well. The sound quality is pretty good too.

Overall I think it is a great set up, I really like it and will continue to use this on a daily basis. I recieved this item at no cost in exchange for my honest, unbiased review/ evaluation. All opinions are my own.

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Welltop Mini Usb Fan

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I have used this little fan almost everyday since I’ve gotten it. It is tiny, only around 4 inches tall, but it it very nice. It works with a usb port, I use it to plug into my computer. The on and off switch is a slide switch, so you can keep it plugged in , and not have it in use. This fan is not a high powered fan by any means, but it puts off just enough air to make you comfortable, and you can blow it in your face and it doesn’t take your break away, like aome fans do. The other thing I really like about this fan is that it is super quiet. When it is going, you can’t hear it at all. It comes with the power cord , so you dont need to buy a usb or anything, just have to have a usb port to plug it into.

Overall, I think it is a nice little fan for personal use. Great for offices , because it is quiet and compact. It will keep you cool, but its not so high powered its going to blow papers everywhere. It seems to also be well made. This fan is also adjustable, which makes it nice and stands freely. I recieved this item at no cost/discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review/evaluation