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Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Hey guys!  I have seen this on youtube and instagram, so I bought some on amazon to try! This stuff is crazy!!!  It bubbles up and makes your face sound like a rice crispy!  It has no directions in english, so I had to guess how to use it!

Watch it in action here > Bubble Foam Mask


It is all tingly, while it is on, but I must admit, my face felt refreshed and nice after.

Have you all used this before?

Let me know what you all think of it!





I LOVE reviewing and testing products. I also Love traveling, so you may see a little of both!

9 thoughts on “Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

  1. Seriously love this product! I have very sensitive skin and it didn’t affect my skin at all. My friend used it during a breakout and when she woke up the next day, pimples were zapped.


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